Blog 2 Wednesday 10th February

Hi! I am Darren.

Welcome to my second blog.

  • I hope that you like it.

Today I will be introducing the TV resources that I will be using for language learning.

I have Virgin cable TV with TIVO, and the resources I will be using in my challenge are:

  • TIVO – You Tube
  • TIVO – World Box
  • France 24 in English and French

These are my resources for my French studies.

I am beginning with French because I already know a little French from my school days, but I still class myself as a total beginner although I am familiar with the basics of the French language.

I will begin with You Tube.  It is part of my Virgin TV package which includes TIVO, and You Tube is an app on TIVO.

If you are not familiar with You Tube, it is available on the Internet,  or as an app.

I haven’t used You Tube on TIVO before, so I am going to familiarise myself with the controls, and get used to using it, by trying some French lessons for beginners.

I already know a little French, and this is why I am beginning my studies with French.  It should be easier to concentrate on learning how to use my resources without the distraction of also trying to learn an entirely new language.

You Tube French Lessons:

Okay, here we go!

The French that I know is so little that I can be considered a total beginner, even though I am somewhat familiar with the French language.  I really have forgotten all I learned at school, so I will begin, when I have finished writing this blog, with French 101 for total beginners.

Another resource that I have available to me on my TV is World Box.   I get this on TIVO. I will check this out now to see if it offers anything that will help me to learn French.

World Box on Virgin TIVO still seems to be in its infancy, it offers TV stations from around the world, but to-date it only offers ten TV channels to choose from, which may be a little disappointing, but it is better than nothing.

Luckily for French students, it does offer one French channel: “BFMTV” which offers news 24/7.

BFMTV is a commercial channel, so it has advertisements between the news, but this is good for students of French whom can learn a lot from them as an example of French popular culture.

My Virgin TV package also offers another two French channels that I can use:

TV5Monde:  this channel offers a variety of programmes such as cooking and gardening, which are aimed at learners of French and French culture.

FRANCE24:  this channel offers news 24/7, and is available in English and French, which is good for learning about French culture without the need to know the French language.

So, these are the TV resources that I will be using to study French.

I hope that you have enjoyed this introduction.  I look forward to sharing with you how I get on with them in my next blog.

Best wishes, Darren.

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