BLOG 1 Tuesday 9th February

Hi!  I am Darren.

Welcome to my first blog!

I hope that you like it.

  • First, I will start by introducing myself.
  • Then, I will explain why I am doing a blog.
  • Finally, I will finish by describing what my blog is about.

As you know, I am Darren, and this is my first blog.  I live in the UK, in a town called Halifax, which is in the North of England, in a County called West Yorkshire.  I have lived here for sixteen years, since 2001.

I was born in a city called Bradford, which is also in West Yorkshire near Halifax.  I lived in Bradford until I was twenty years old.  Then I travelled for a few years, living in the South of England, America and a town called Preston in a County called Lancashire in the North of England.

I have got a lot of time on my hands, because I am unemployed due to a long term illness.  I have ambitions to be a writer, and I think that writing a blog will be a great way to develop my writing skills.

Like most of us I enjoy my Internet phone and I use it as often as I can.  I was pleased to discover that I can use my phone to learn a new language, as there are many apps, dedicated to learning a new language, available in “Playstore”.

I was also pleased to discover that “You-Tube” has many language courses for beginners.

I was so impressed with these resources that it occurred to me that it would not be difficult to learn every language in the world, given enough time.

So, I began learning the Hindi language, which is the lingua franca of India.  I used apps and “You-Tube” and I made rapid progress.  My progress was so rapid that I began to think that it would be possible to learn enough languages to communicate anywhere in the World.

Then I had a “Eureka” moment and I realised that Hindi was the lingua franca of India, and that when I learned Hindi, I would be able to communicate anywhere in India.  One language – 500 million speakers

Learning Hindi alone would enable me to communicate with about 10% of the people on the planet.  That is because Hindi is a lingua franca.  I realised that if one lingua franca – Hindi – enables me to communicate with 10% of people on Earth, then I would only need to learn 10 lingua francas in order to communicate with nearly any person on Earth.

So, full of excitement, I decided to see what the main lingua francas are.

They are Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, French, Spanish, Swahili.

Seven languages to communicate with almost anyone on the planet, and of course English which is also a lingua franca.

So I decided, there and then, that I had to learn these seven languages as soon as possible, and I set myself a challenge:

To learn all the main seven lingua francas within two years.

My blog is about that – the challenge to learn all seven lingua francas within two years, using only phone apps and the Internet.

So, I hope that you have enjoyed my first blog, and that you will read my next ones if you are as excited by my challenge as I am.

Best wishes,  Darren.

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